How did May go for you?

So how did your saving goals work for May? I was able too put money into savings for the car we need to buy but I would have liked to put away more. I did alright but not as good as I'd have liked. So this month I'll be adding a widget to the side to show all spending and then my coupon shopping.

Our goals for the next 6 months have changed so much in the past few weeks it's been mind boggling. With that said Dave and I are really going to need to crack down and save save save. We've set goals for ourselves that we've never attempted before, heck we've never saved enough to buy a car until the past 2 months. Well we've upped our expectations and will be working a little harder to get there. In order to help I'm going to publicly account for every penny this month. I feel that actually having to look at it and knowing that you all will see every penny spent (I might not blog about all the pennies but I will keep track on the sidebar) will help me to trim the unneeded. The other big help is that Shawn and I can't go to Disney until the middle of August, we have seasonal passes so we are blacked out. We don't usually spend much at Disney since I bring snacks but since we've had extra $$ coming in I've let myself splurge more often. No More Splurging for Me!!!!!

I will be working to justify every penny. Today June 1 we spent $35 at Walmart, this isn't the greatest start to my month but we needed the items. We purchased some decent quality workout shorts for Dave and some much needed undergarments for myself. The prices were pretty good and they were needed so I felt good about the purchase. I've decided that if I don't feel good about the purchase/transaction I will be returning the items (if possible) or blowing up that receipt so I have to see it everyday to remind myself of the stupider choices I make.

So wish me luck. My goal is to save as much as possible, I will also be tracking how much we put into savings this month to see what we can do if we try hard enough. We are starting with a savings balance of $1362 Come back later to see how that Topsy Turvy is going.

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