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Ok after a quick glance at the ad here's a few things that jump out at me. I believe there are coupons out there for most of these items but I'm not going to post any sources because I don't keep track like that. If you want to view a full matchup for the ad and all the coupons go here.

Oscar Meyer Hot Dogs BOGO psa $3.99
I have 2 free coupons which will equal 4 free packs of hot dogs. Plus I also have 2 free buns wyb 2 OM hot dogs.

Kraft BBQ BOGO psa $1.39
There have been lots of printable coupons for this as well as some .75 ones in a recent insert

Betty Crocker Potatoes BOGO psa $1.79
Click here for access to printable coupons for these

McCormick Pepper BOGO $3.59
There might have been coupons for this out. I still need to check on this, if not pepper is an often used item so stocking up a bit at half off isn't a bad idea.

Capri Drink Pouches $2
I can't remember if there are coupons for these but if there are I'll let you know. Juice boxes go fast in the summer

Birdseye Veggies 50%
That usually makes the broccoli less than $1 a package. We eat alot of veggies so it's a good time to replenish, if you have coupons than it's great to stock up

GE Lightbulb $2.50 off coupon in flyer
Combine with a MQ and you could get a really cheap energy efficient lightbulb

Also on my list but not in the ad:

Reach Floss MQ + PQ =Free

Raid Spray MQ + PQ=Free to really cheap

Sundown Vitamins PQ= Free to really cheap

Ziploc Bags MQ + TQ(if my store will take them) =Free to really cheap

So is there anything that you see that is jumping out at you this week for groceries?

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Precious said...

What great deal on those OM hot dogs!

Anonymous said...

So many deals and no Publix!

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