Oh I love Publix

No pictures again this week. Sorry!!! But I had to get most of the stuff put away right away so we had no spoilage and if I don't do it right away it sits out forever. Anyways I did some great pillaging at Publix today and thought I would share. Here's what I got.

14 boxes South Beach Bars BOGO $2.99 =$20.93 -$28.00 mq OVERAGE!!
2 Nestle Tollhouse Refrigerated Dough BOGO $3.39 -$2mq =1.39
4 Kids Cuisines BOGO $2.19 =$4.38 -$1.10mq =3.28
10 Hunts Ketchup BOGO $1.39 =$6.95 -$2.80mq =4.15
3 Chef Boyardee $3
4 Jars Gulden Mustard $1.29 =$5.16 -$4mq =1.16
4 Bertolli Spaghetti Sauce BOGO $2.89 =$5.78 -$4mq =1.78
3 BallPark Hot Dogs $2 =$6 -$1/2mq -B1G2Free Albertson's Q =$1
9.5lb Pork Chops $1.99 =$20.81 -B1G2Free Albertson's Q = 7.14

Total OOP $15.83 Total Savings (including sales) $118.41

I will also be sending in for a $10 Publix gift card so that'd bring my total down to $5.83

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Anonymous said...

What did you get 14 boxes of? You got paid almost $8.00 to buy it? That's so cool!!

Tiffany said...

LOL In my rush to post before dinner I got ahead of myself. I got 14 boxes of South Beach 100 calorie bars. I printed the coupons off a couple months ago and there was a glitch or something so it ended up printed 7 pages with 2 coupons per page all with different codes so I cashed in today. I love when they pay me to take stuff.

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