Winn Dixie (current deal go now!!)

I know I almost never go to Winn Dixie anymore. There sales are usually not worth it anymore and they are the closest store to me. They used to have great B1G2 Free Sales on meat all the time but since they've been in and out of bankruptcy the sales have gone down the drain. That being said there was a deal good enough for me to go last night and maybe again tonight.

2 2% Kraft Colby Jack Cheese Bricks $3
2 2% Shredded Mexican Cheese $3
1 Fancy Shred Mozzerella Cheese $1.50

For these I used 2 $1 IPQ and 2 .55 mq plus when you buy 5 you get a $4 OYNO coupon. I also got

3lb bananas $2.17
Asparagus (he rang them up as green onions) .65
5lb Idaho Potatoes $2
2lb Ground Chuck $2.97 (Dave loves meatloaf and it's been a while since I made it)
Seasoned Chicken Drumsticks $2.59

For these I used 3 $1.75 off produce wyb Kraft Cheese and 1 $1.75 off chicken wyb Kraft Cheese. I got these at Publix and they say Publix Produce/Chicken on them but the manager ok'd there use at my store since they are manufacturer coupons.

Total OOP was $7.78 Total Savings $25.23 plus I received a $4 oyno coupon which I might use to get more cheese otherwise I'll use it at Publix next time.

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