Kmart Doubles!!

Here's the prices:

6 Pedigree Plus Free with the BOGO coupons
6 Ziploc bags Free with the BOGO coupons
1 Ziploc Container .69 with $1mq
1 Aquafina $1
1 Apple Juice $1.59
10 KC BBQ Sauce Free with $1mq
1 Gourmet Lollipop .50
4 Advil 24 ct Free with $2mq
2 Windex .79 each with $1mq
3 Purex 3 in 1 Sheets $1.99 each with $2mq
4 Ziploc Pumps Free with $2mq
4 Mean Green .19 each with $1mq
2 Cheerios Free with $1mq
1 Honey Maid Cracker .50 with $1mq

Now's here's the tricky part my first order also included 3 bags of Starbucks coffee marked $4.49 which I thought using my $1.50 mq would make them $1.49 a bag. Well it turns out that only the Breakfast Blend is marked down (lets pay no attention to the fact that it wasn't clearly marked on the shelves) I didn't buy the Breakfast Blend. So my total was $26 for my first trip which I knew was high but since Kmart doesn't employ cashiers there was a line 7 deep behind me. I took my receipt and went and sat in the car to figure it out with a pen. Turns out the coffee rang up $8.99 which accounts for $13.50 of my total and the cashier misrang one of my coupons shorting me $1.30. I go back inside expecting an adjustment and they refuse since it's my fault I don't read minds (did I mention my dislike for Kmart LOL). So they proceed to refund me my money for the coffee and I inform them that if they aren't going to pay me the full $8.99 for each then they need to go get my coupons and give them back. The manager agrees so they refund the full amount plus my $1.30 for the misring. Drumroll please.........they refund me $28.37 in cash you might not remember but I paid $26 so they paid me $2.37 for shopping. I went and picked up a few more things to use my $3 oyno coupon and paid .43 So I'm still up $1.94

Total OOP -$1.94 Total Saved $114.72

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Anonymous said...

Please can I be you? Really, you are the coolest person in the world. I think I'm doing well when I get a few bucks knocked off the bill. Keep up the good work!

Tiffany said...

Thanks!!! I almost only go shopping now a days when I can save really big. Thanks to CVSing for a couple years we don't need for much of anything I can get there. The only real needs are on food where I'm trying to get better with savings.

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