Money Savings Challenge Weekly Update

It's time to see what I did to help save some money this week!!

1. I have resisted the urge to take Dave to work and go Kmart shopping. I plan on going tonight when he gets home from work and also hitting Kohls, Target, and Walgreens to help save on gas.

2. We've been working out at night so the house is a little cooler to start with. We are using the EA Active that I got free from Amazon with gift cards earned using Swagbucks. If you haven't signed up stop reading click here and sign up now. There's nothing better than free gift cards.

3. We've been keeping the lights, TV and computer off as much as possible. When needed we are trying to use the energy efficient light bulbs.

4. Because me and the dishwasher have such a bad relationship it's become a very large drying rack for when I do dishes. So no electricity to run it.

5. I flagged down the maintenance man and got another filter for the AC. I don't remember when I changed it last but it can't hurt and the complex is paying for it. That's a double savings I don't need to buy a filter and my AC will run better.

6. I've been tending my little garden check back on Sunday for my topsy update and to see the most recent pics of how things are growing. Feel free to pick my brain if you are new to containers, I'm no expert by any means but I am getting pretty good at it.

7. I've been wanting smores so I blew some free RR's from Walgreens to make all the smores fixings plus eggs, cupcake mixes and 2 loaves of bread. All stuff that I normally would have paid real money for.

8. We have added quite a bit to the compost bin this week. Dave went out after they cut the grass and sweeped up a good pile of clippings for me and I added lots of veggie and fruit waste plus my coffee grounds this week. My goal is next spring to have a container full of rich soil to add to my pots to rejuvenate them.

9. We are planning on walking to Lowes tomorrow so Shawn can attend the Build and Grow clinic. They are making a putting green type thing for Daddy. I'll be filling a couple water bottles tonight and putting them in the fridge so I don't have the urge to stop at Walmart, the gas station, or Starbucks on the way for something cool.

So what have you done this week to help keep your bills low? Remember every little bit helps so if you aren't watching the TV turn it off. It'll make a difference at the end of the month when you look at your bill.

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Chicagolandia said...

Great job on saving! I love reading about your savings and especially your garden!!

Precious said...

Hi Tiffany,

You are doing so many things that all add up! I used to use my dishawasher for a drying rack too. But since I have a new one, I am enjoying it for a while. If you live in a climate where you run your A/C many many months, my utility company suggest changing the filter every month. They say it makes a big difference in electricity savings. So I do it on the 1st religiously!

Tiffany said...

Chicagolandia- I'm glad you enjoy reading about the garden. I'm really enjoying it this year and love that I have people to share it with. The hubs is only half interested. LOL

Precious- It's so aggravating to have a big spot for a dishwasher that doesn't work. I'm going to have maintenance come and work on it again at some point. I changed the filter last month and really need to get in the habit of doing it on a specific day. In Florida the A/C gets used most months.

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