Kmart Doubles Run!

I swore off Kmart a couple years ago when they started pulling the bait and switch on DVD's on Black Friday. They got me back in the door with the start of the double coupons, but the stores where so unprepared, long lines, no stock, and rude cashiers turned me off again. There have been several doubling events that I haven't participated in since, but after looking through my coupons I have alot of coupons for items that would be nearly free and I decided what the heck. So off I go to a store I don't like once again in hopes that double coupons catch on in Florida and we have them at any other store someday (PUBLIX did you hear me LOL) I splurged on a couple items that we really needed while I was at Kmart but overall I did pretty well. Here's my list from my first run, I'm going back today.

Johnson's Baby Powder $1.79 AC (I keep forgetting to buy this for Dave)
Drano $2.89 AC (the darn tub wouldn't drain that morning)
Purex 3 in 1 $1.99 AC
5 Ziploc Vac Pump Free AC
4 Huggies Wipes Free AC
5 Oust Air Free AC
Glade Candle .49 AC
2 Fantastik .98 AC total
3 Playtex Gloves .57 AC total
Cheerios Free AC

Total OOP $6.48 Total Saved $64.76 I received a $14 OYNO coupon that I used immediately.

3pk of Spongebob Underwear $5.79
2 pairs Spongebob Pajamas $10.19

Total OOP was $2.12 Total Saved $20.80

Have you been hitting the Kmart doubles? Any thing you found for free that I missed? Of course they probably just didn't have any of it in stock in my store. Did I mention I don't like Kmart because of stock issues. Feel free to let me know how you made out this week.

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Chicagolandia said...

Great hounding at KMart!

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