Super Target Run!!

I had a great run to Target tonight. I don't have the receipt in front of me so I'll just give you a basic run down of my goodies/deals

10 Beyers Ice Cream (Buy 5 Get $5 GC)
10 Packs Klondike Bars (Buy 5 Get $5 GC)
1 Pace Salsa
1 Skintimate Shave Gel
4 Driscoll's Strawberries
2 Glade Plug Ins
2 Target Cream of Chicken Soups
1 Oscar Meyer Hot Dogs

Total Spent was $24.xx and I got back $20 in GC's So I really only spent $4.xx on all that ice cream. I would have broke it down into groups to pay with the $5 GC's to keep my OOP lower but it was late and super busy. I can spend that $20 on groceries later in the month.

Quick glance at my receipt says I saved $76.79

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Anonymous said...

Wow, That's awesome.

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