Topsy Turvy Time

So as I reported yesterday I "bought" this at CVS with ECB's of course. This morning I ran into Walmart and bought 2 cherry tomato plants to put in it. So here it is in all it's glory hanging outside my front door. One of the plants is tipped to the side so if it grows crooked we know why, it's much harder than it looks to plant this thing but once I got the plants in Dave held the bag and I filled it with dirt. I'll keep updating with pictures to show you all my report on how it's growing.

Since plants are not part of my grocery budget, I won't be counting this or the mousetraps I also bought while at Walmart. I'm generally against using deadly force but the mouse hasn't gotten the hint and the plug in thing says that there will be increased activity as the buggers will be disoriented and I can't have them running around here all crazy. YUCK!!!!!

So my only spending today was .34 at CVS when I got my papers and met the demands of the husband and the kid. The little one wanted more Mr Bubble (I may figure out how to make my own and refill that bottle, but then again Mr Bubble makes such nice bubbles) and since we were heading yard sale hunting Dave wanted ibuprofen. LOL

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