Challenge Day 2

This is what I did today to keep the pennies living happily at home.

1. I didn't even leave the house today so I spent no money.

2. I pruned and rotated all of my pots and covered them with some cheap netting I got so the damn birds stop eating my veggies. The pruning and moving helps them to grow a little better since we don't quite have full sun yet.

3. Cleaned and started pulling extra stuff from my stockpiles for the yardsale on Saturday. This will help to declutter for now and make us a lot of extra money.

4. Listened to the stereo instead of the TV today. I don't know how Precious and others live in the quiet. Maybe it's because I live with a 4 yr old quiet is a bad thing here. I also left the TV off and just listened to a couple shows I enjoy while pricing stuff for the yardsale.

5. Made dinner from leftover hams (free from Target) and some of the really cheap potatoes I got at Walmart (before they got soft). We had a delicious dinner of Homemade scalloped potatoes and ham and garlic butter green beans.

6. Lunch was peanut butter and fluff for Shawn and a little leftover spaghetti for me.

7. We managed to keep all the lights off until 7 pm and kept the A/C off all day. Shawn went to bed with only one run of his stereo again tonight and the TV has been off as much as possible.

8. I babysat my ebay auctions that ended this evening to make sure I answered anyone's questions to get the best return. I ended up with pretty good sales which will be added to my savings minus any gas purchase I make this week.

How did you do today? Were you able to pinch every last penny?

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Precious said...

Another nice money saving day for you! I am another one who has tons of those Free ham steaks from Target to use up. However I have been hammed to death this week.

Anonymous said...

#1 is the one that I try to practice the most. Doesn't always work but that's the one I think that helps our budget the most.
Keep up the good work.

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