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Shawn and I went out shopping yesterday and had a blast. We didn't get to the grocery store since we had to pick Dave up and there were perishables on my list so that will be tonight. We spent a total of $34.34 oop, but we got alot for my pennies.

1. First stop was Kmart $4.37 I picked up 5 types of dog treats, 2 Renuzit Sprays, 1 Carpet Fresh, 2 Glade Carpet, 4 Quaker Rice Cake things. My savings was $41.xx

Next we went to Whole Foods for my free lunch size reusable bag. While we were there DS was proclaiming that he wanted milk. So milk and tax on the bag was $1.35

Then we went on to Old Navy to use my 50% coupon. Ended up with 3 shirts for Shawn, a hoodie for him for next fall, 1 shirt for me, and these wonderful yoga pants (super comfy) for me. $23.15

Stopped into Victoria's Secret to use my free panty with purchase coupon. Ended up trying on a bra for $5 off any purchase, and bought 2 glittery sprays that were 75% off. Total for 2 sprays and 1 pair of panties was $1.07

Then I headed to Kohl's. I had 5 of the $5 off coupons to use that expired this weekend. Luckily they let me use them all. I bought a pair of earrings $0, a necklace $3.21, a tanktop $2.13, a card game for Shawn .21 and 2 kid's digital camera's 90% off for my mother in law for 11.75. Her purchase doesn't count in my spending today since she will pay me for them. I just had to post those it was such a great deal. They were originally $79.99 got them for $7.99 each minus a $5 coupon.

2. After we were done shopping instead of wasting gas driving home and then back to get Dave we went to Epcot. It's the flower and garden festival so there's lots of fun stuff to do and look at. I wasn't prepared to be going to the park so I had to buy waters I also ended up buying dinner at the Japan quick service place for Dave and I. So I spent just of $20 at Disney but we had fun, we'll be going back next week but I'll be prepared then.

3. Since we weren't home all day everything was off and unplugged all day.

4. Dave watched a Netflix movie for entertainment, we are cancelling this at the end of the month so he's finishing up the queue. I played on the computer and then went to bed early since I was exhausted.

How have you been doing?

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Precious said...

You had a fabulous day! I especially love all the shoppng with coupons that you did!

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