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I'm joining Precious over at Frugal Makes Cents in her most recent challenge. We've been saving as much as we can so that we can purchase another car and try to put away for a down payment. Recently our TV has gotten a shadow down the right side and a bit of a spot in the center so it seems we need to start thinking about a new TV as well. These 3 things led me to decide it's time to watch every penny like I'll never see another one again. This is the list Precious made with the edits in bold to make it work for us.

1. We will use what we already have stockpiled. (I have decent stockpile and we need to rotate some of the stuff that's been in there for awhile so it's time to use some of it up)

2. If an item is Free or under $ .50, I will purchase it. The under $ .50 items need to be things to help keep the cupboards full I don't want to end this challenge with bare cupboards. My only exceptions will be milk, eggs, produce, flour, sugar, rice, toilet paper,meat, fish, poultry, and juice. But even with those items I will try to save as much as possible.

3. If I don't have an item for a recipe, I will try to substitute something I do have.

4. If it is not a necessity for health or nutrition, we will go without. This means things like soda and junk food. Soda and beer will be bought at CVS with ECB's when we want it. The only other exception will be any liquor purchases but both Dave and I are cutting back there to help save.

5. If I need an item, I will try to make it from scratch first before I even consider buying it. Unless it is an item I can get for free. I know lots of people make their own cleaners and I think that's great but I get soo many cleaning products for free I don't personally see the need yet.

6. We will use every last bit of food; NO WASTE! Waste is only dollars down the drain. Stockpiling food that never gets used is WASTE! This means Dave will be taking leftovers more often to work with him.

7. I will be posting every day or every other day what I am doing and how!

Please feel free to join us on this quest to make every penny count. There are going to be times that I stray from this plan, but every purchase will be well thought out. In addition to this we are having a yard sale this weekend and we are working on getting rid of the clutter around here. This should give us some extra money to put into the savings. Shawn has been promised a few new lego toys when he gets rid of some of his older toys that he doesn't play with.

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Terre said...

I am rooting for you! That seems like a great challenge! But if you think about it you have already mastered some of the hardest parts. I have been thinking of the things that we spend the most on in our house besides food and it seems that aside from regular bills, laundry soap and toilet paper are the things that I spend a lot of money on constantly. So I have been playing around with home made laundry soap recipes, and dish washing detergent recipes. I will post them very soon on my blog. I want to test drive them a bit more before I share.
Good luck!

Tiffany said...

Thanks for the encouragement. It's amazing what you can trim when you sit down and think about it. Even with all I've trimmed there's still places for improvement. If we want that new TV we are going to have to stop splurging randomly and really focus on using what we have in the pantry.

Chicagolandia said...

I can't wait to see what ideas you come up with. This is such a great challenge, I am excited to see what I can reawlly save, rather than just grabbing more stuff for the stockpile, well - unless it's free.

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