Reduce Challenge

On Monday I didn't rescue anything from the trash. I wasn't home much and to be honest the only thing I threw away was a couple of tissues.

Tuesday's rescue was not exciting at all but I did reuse something. I grabbed the small folgers plastic coffee tub out of the trash to use to hold food scraps. I am going to try and make my own compost regardless of the fact I live in an apartment. It will be great to have my own fertilizer or dirt and it's a great way to reduce your trash pile. Your food scraps don't compost at the dump since they are in plastic bags that don't break down. My trash will have less food scraps (you don't want to compost dairy or meat) and hopefully my garden will reap the rewards. The folgers container will keep the fruit flies away during the week and on the weekend I'll add my full container to the bigger container outside. I'll take pics and share when I get it all set up and figured out.

On the recycling note a couple weeks ago we bought this for $2 at a yard sale.

After a little work and paint
And my son loves to sit at it. It wasn't a free rescue but a cheap one and it's very useful for us. So did you rescue anything from the trash today?

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