Challenge Report

Here's what we did today to pinch those pennies.

1. Had breakfast from the cereal stockpile. I have to get some more milk at CVS tomorrow since we are getting really low.

2. Kept the TV off for most of the day. I listened to 2 shows that I enjoy while doing housework with the TV off but the stereo on.

3. It was nice and cool today so the windows stayed open all day.

4. Lunch was leftovers and sandwiches. Peanut Butter stock is very low so I'll be getting some at Publix this week since it's BOGO.

5. Shawn and I walked to the Farmer's Market again. This week I spent $7.50 (I splurged on grapes for the kiddo). We got a large bag of grapes, 2-3 pounds of green beans, 3 zucchinis, a bag of baby carrots, and a carton of brussel sprouts. My hesitance paid off on the brussel sprouts since he knocked off .50 cents when I didn't immediately grab them.

6. We had Lasagna from a Target deal, crescent rolls that Publix paid me to take, and the brussel sprouts for dinner. Yumm!!! I can almost fit things in my freezer again which is good since it was so full.

7. Washed dishes by hand. I know that for most people this is not the more cost effective answer but for me I think it works better. The dishwasher in my apartment is not very good and the amount of rinsing it takes you might as well wash the dishes while you are there. Add to that the fact that we split the water bill with 7 other apartments and one of my neighbors takes at least 2 45minute showers a day (thin walls I hear the water running) so my saving a little water is not really going to help me. I figure this way at least I'm saving on the electric to run the dishwasher.

8. Entertainment was a hockey game for Dave. He's very happy his team won!! And I babysat my ebay auctions.

So how did you do today??

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Precious said...

Wow! I thought shard metering was illegal in most states. I am just surprised that you have to plit a bill.

Tiffany said...

To be honest I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't legal here. My apartment complex gets away with alot. I hate splitting the bill since we have the biggest unit we get the biggest chunk of the bill when we probably use less then everyone else. To make it worse it's for gas and water. It's on my list of things to look into, I hate paying that bill and there is nothing I can do about it to make it lower.

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