Cleaning Update!!

Well I found all the walls in my closet also known as the land where stuff goes to die lol.  But in the process we lost the bed, did I mention that the shelf in the closet that we hang clothes from gave way and ripped off the wall.  I installed a new system that I picked up at Lowes with my ebay money and got a lot more room in the closet.

Then I took a hard look at my clothes that are in the closet and got rid of half of them.  I don’t wear them and haven’t worn most of them in over a year so they are going to the yard sale, a friend or to the church’s thrift store that we found.

I’m happy to report that I have found the bed again and the closet is looking pretty good.  It’s not like any pictures anywhere but it’s better.  I put my wedding dress in a space bag and am amazed at how much less room it takes up.  This is my one sentimental ridiculous keep, I can’t bring myself to get rid of it even if I’ll never wear it again.  I also put some of our extra coats in a bag and they fit nicely under the bed now.  I have a few more bags and a space saver tote to put to use tonight so I’ll report back.

My yardsale piles are getting huge, I can’t wait till Saturday when I can get rid of all this stuff.  I’ve already promised myself that if it’s leftover after the sale it’s going straight to the thrift store’s donation pile, none of it is coming back in the house.  Of course the exception to this will be any of my stockpile stuff all the new stuff I get for free or better that’s left will come back in and be put away for possible Christmas gifts.

I hope your Monday is going well and not nearly as exhausting as mine is.

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