Money Saving Wednesday (oops it’s Thursday)

Here’s what we did this week to save money:

  • Went to the Tampa Lightning practice so Shawn could watch and got free tickets to a preseason games tomorrow.  The boys are going to enjoy a free night out and I’ll get some time to work on the yard sale pricing.
  • We walked to Lowes for the free Build n Grow clinic
  • I used a giftcard we got at Publix for gas this week.  It was super cheap with coupons and overage a few months ago.
  • The A/C has been used a little more this week but it’s because I’ve been working alot in the closets and it gets warm running around.
  • We have purged alot of stuff for the yardsale and I’ve got alittle more work left to finish.  Tonight and tomorrow night I’m hoping to get everything priced so I’ll just have to set up Saturday morning. 
  • We are still unplugging things around the house it took awhile to get used to it but now it’s second nature.
  • I opened my paid emails, seached with Swagbucks, check my youdata account, and report all my BzzAgent stuff to earn alittle here and there
  • I’m currently scouting out the best deal on sodas so Shawn has something to sell on Saturday.  He had a blast last time when he sold sodas and is looking forward to doing it again.

What have you been doing to save?  I love hearing all your tips.

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