Free Food and a note about scum.

Don’t forget to dig out some sporting attire today and head to Chik-Fil-A for your free sandwich today.  We went and had lunch there today and it was really good and not to overly busy.

Now for my scum rant- Why are some people so evil/rotten/stupid?  A while back I bought a little picnic table for my son at a yardsale, I painted it blue and put some cute little mickey heads on it.  Well he’s pretty much outgrown it so I was going to put it in the yardsale in a couple weeks but I can’t do that.  Yesterday I was outside and I noticed something was missing but was in a hurry and just thought it was in my head boy was I wrong.  Some one stole my son’s picnic table!!!!  Now why on earth would you steal that??  Full well knowing that it belongs to a young child and how upset they will be, let’s not even talk about the completely insecure feeling he now has or the fight mommy is going to have to deal with to keep his bike outside.  So for the record I hate scum!!!!  I truly hope that they drop that table on their toes and break a couple that it gives them slivers and falls apart.  I also hope that someone does them the same favor so they can explain to their child that the world sucks and some people are down right mean.  Generally I’m not this harsh but you don’t mess with this mama bear’s cub or his stuff.

Ok I’m done ranting!  If I see this table outside of someone else’s apartment you can bet I’ll be banging on their door and taking it back.

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