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I love stupidly easy deals and this is one of them.  I did several separate transactions but the cashier didn’t mind at all.  I got all of this:


for I wish I could insert a drumroll here………$2.46

I had a $5 off magazine catalina so the Scrapbook magazine cost me $1.06

Then I got a catalina yesterday for $5 off a leapfrog purchase when I bought a tag book so I used that and got 2 Tag Books and the Cars puzzle.  I used 2 $4 off coupons for the books and the cat and paid .35 and got another $5 cat

Next I bought 2 more of the books, the matchbox playset and a box of crayons.  Again I used 2 $4 off coupons and the cat and paid .98 and got another $5 cat

The last transaction I bought the Fridge DJ used a $4 coupon and the $5 cat and paid .07 and again got another $5  cat just in case I decide we need more.

You are probably wondering how the heck that worked well the Tag books I bought (I Spy, Spongebob, and Goldenpaddle) are on clearance and then an additional 20% off so they are $4.80, the Fridge DJ is on clearance for $8.80 and those other 2 toys were also in the clearance section.  For every transaction where you purchase leapfrog products you will receive a $5 off your next leapfrog purchase catalina.  As you can see as long as your leapfrog purchase is over $5 you can use the catalina along with your coupons for some really cheap gifts to add to your christmas/birthday gift stash.

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Tammy said...

Hey Tiffany,

Really cool purchases. Almost makes me wish I had a Kmart close. I don't have any young ones at home anymore, mine are teens.

I just posted a great trip to Target with a link for Healthy Choice coupons. I hope you'll check it out. The coupons are for $2 each and make for some really cheap lunches.

Have a Great Day.

Tammy in Texas

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