No Spending Saturday Update

Sorry I’m a little late with this but it seems like life is just getting in my way lately.

Below in red are the goals I set for use in this no spending challenge and in black are how we are progressing.

Keep almost all spending below $60 a week.

I kept all the normal spending below $60 this week.  We did buy some extra alcohol on clearance and a few other things but that all comes out of my ebay funds. 

Keep gas spending down as low as possible.  My gas bills are going to go up since I have to take Shawn to daycare everyday but I’m going to try and run all my errands when I’m out.

Again I’ve only been out shopping when I was already out.  I did run out of the way to Kmart 2 days in a row but the bonus was that I got some moving boxes to pack up stuff for the yardsale from someone on FreeCycle. 

We will not be eating out.  You spend lots of extra money eating out, the food is not better than you can make at home and you consume a lot more calories when out then at home.

This is sometimes so hard to do.  This week we ate out at Arby’s on Wednesday and got free sandwiches with the purchase of drinks.  My closest Arby’s says they are not participating this month but they let us do it this once.  I also bought a coffee at Dunkin Donuts and a couple at Starbucks (those coffees were paid for with a giftcard I got for my birthday)

I’ll continue shopping for the free/super cheaps at CVS, Walgreens, Publix, Target, and a few things at Walmart. 

I’ve done really good at sticking to this.  I’ve only been buying the frees or really really cheap stuff anywhere.  I’m still looking for a great deal on sodas for Shawn to sell at the yardsale.  We have popsicles for him to sell too and I bought a new cooler since our old one has a huge crack in it.

This week should be relatively easy to stick to the budget.  We don’t need much and I’ll be staying home to clean and get ready for the yardsale.  So how has your spending going?  Do you have a goal that you’ve set, feel free to share it here.

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~Sara said...

Looks like you have some really good goals. Thanks for linking up. Have a great weekend.

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