Target Trip

Boy I did a lot of shopping today.  But I got a majority of it out of the way for the week.  This is another almost head scratcher of a Target trip, but it worked out very nicely in my favor.  My purchase today didn’t come out of my weekly budget because of what I bought.

  • Dog Food Bowl (fancy feeder)  $7.99
  • Dog Water Bowl (fancy waterer) $7.99
  • 3 5lb bags of Chef Michaels Dog Food $4.98 each
  • 1 1.5lb bag of Chef Michaels Dog Food $2.24
  • Police Car Transformer $11.89
  • Tag Pen $12.48 (used $10mq)
  • 8 Chef Michaels Soft Food .84 each

Total Spent was $19.55 as I said this won’t be coming out of my weekly budget since the Transformer is a birthday gift for DS and the dog bowls I had planned on buying a couple weeks ago (Belle’s dish has tipped over for the last time) and the cost of those 3 items is less than what I paid.  I saved $48.94

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