Money Savings Wednesdays

This is what we did this week to save some extra money:

  • Stayed home alittle more to save gas and spending money
  • Took Shawn to Home Depot for the free building workshop and made my last run to Kmart while we were out there
  • We stopped at BJ’s and saved about .09 a gallon from the station across the street on gas.
  • I used a coupon at CVS when we got Shawn’s prescription filled, it was only for a $10 giftcard but it’s better then nothing.
  • We’ve been keeping the A/C around 78-82 and it’s starting to let up outside and cool down a bit.  Hopefully I’ll be opening the windows soon.
  • I used the crockpot twice this week and made double portions which were reheated in the microwave to keep the house a little cooler.
  • I’ve started getting ready for the yard sale, it’s slow going but I hope to get alot done today.
  • Since they refuse to fix my dishwasher I continue to wash dishes by hand and I believe it' saves some electricity unfortunately it doesn’t save time.
  • I continue to unplug everything at night and am surprised at how few things I actually turn back on during the day.
  • I open my paid emails, search with Swagbucks and check my youdata account everyday to make a little extra.

So what have you been doing to save money?  I’d love to hear your tips and tricks to save alittle more.  If we all share tips we can all save more. 

Let me know if any of you are interested in a piece about the ways to make some extra money online.  Remember that none of these will make you rich but every penny helps and puts you one step closer to your savings goal.

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