It’s Spring Cleaning Time!!

I know it’s not spring but down here in the hot lands we don’t usually do spring cleaning in the spring when it’s starting to get very warm out.  We do it when it starts to cool down and can finally open the windows.  We can’t open the windows yet but there’s a yard sale in the community this weekend so I’m cleaning out the closets and everything this week.  And since I’m at it we might as well just do it all.

So if you don’t hear from me for a day or 2 know that I’m buried in a closet somewhere in this house and that Dave is trying to dig me out.  I’ve had it with the clutter and it’s all going over the next couple days.  So here are a few of my tips about cleaning out the clutter.

  • If you are cleaning and find something and say “I forgot I had this” THROW IT AWAY!!!!!  You didn’t know you had it you don’t need it.
  • Start when you are angry, this sounds weird but if I’m in a good mood I look through everything and get rid of nothing if I’m in a “mood” I get aggravated and just purge.
  • Look at the big picture.  If you are not going to use it and you don’t need it then give it away.
  • When it gets too hard walk away.  Give yourself a few minutes/hours and come back if you get to fed up with it you’ll never finish.

Do you have any other suggestions for cleaning?  I’ll be in the closet for awhile so I’ll check in later.  But I’d love to hear how you guys get rid of the clutter.

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