I’ve been meaning to make it out to Publix this week and finally got there today.  I don’t have the receipt in front of me so no prices today but here’s what I got.

  • 6 Boxes Ritz Crackers  BOGO
  • 6 Ritz Crackerfuls FREE with purchase mq
  • 4 A1 Steak Sauce BOGO
  • 2 Sunny D  ($1.99)  BOGO
  • 2 Mahatma Rices  FREE mq
  • 1 Revlon Nail File  Overage from PQ

I paid about $7 with a giftcard earned a few months ago so nothing out of pocket and we’ve got plenty of crackers to last awhile now since Dave and Shawn love Ritz with peanut butter.

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