Bought some Needs

Yesterday Shawn and I walked to Walmart to get a few things we needed plus my newspapers.  In total I spent $22!!! 

This is what happens when you need things and don’t have coupons for the stuff or overage to help pay for it.  We needed milk, orange juice, bread, and newspapers.  It seems we also needed a doughnut for the little boy and a drink for me.  But I did find StoveTop double packs of stuffing for .50 each so I bought a few of those and a few 6pks of Hugs Jugs at .50 a piece.

Today will be another kind of spendy day but we have extra ebay money to pay for it.  We are headed out to dinner tonight with some friends.  We do get a discount at Gator’s so that will help take the sting off and I’ll probably feed Shawn before we go that way he can get away with just a drink and picking off my plate.  Lets just hope I have an appetite by then, it seems since I have to fight every cold everyone in this house gets I can’t relax or they will catch up to me. 

So how have you been saving or in my case again the lack of savings??? UGH this will get better I keep telling myself that.

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CheapbyChoice said...

I also hate it when I need "stuff" and do not have the coupons I need. That is when I go to Walmart. Atleast I know I am getting the best price.

Letty said...

That happens to me every now & then, but I figure...Wth, I save enough 95% of the time!

Precious said...

Don't sweat it Tiffany! It happens to all of us at one time or another. :-)

I hope your cold is gone! But now I think I have it! :-)

Tiffany said...

Cheapbychoice-Thanks for stopping by. At least Walmart is usually the cheapest place to go without sales.

Letty-Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you find something helpful here

Precious- So sorry you're sick, it's the cruel and unusual weather you are dealing with. LOL

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