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flew alittle easily.  Well not too badly.  We did a bunch of errands today.  We started the day by dropping Shawn off at school and then headed up to BJ’s for gas.  We saved about 8 cents a gallon there and went in to wander around the store, I picked up a 10lb bag of gold potatoes for $5.  This is the type of potatoes we prefer so I buy them when I find a good price usually a good price is $3 for 5lbsso this was great.

Next stop was Kohl’s to use a few of the coupons I got in my emails.  We picked up a new long sleeve shirt for Shawn since it’s supposed to stay cold and he doesn’t have many warm clothes.  That shirt cost $3.99 after coupons.  I bought a pair of gloves and a summer PJ set for Shawn and paid $1.97 after coupon.  I need the gloves but they are hard to find around here and these were on clearance.

We drove past one of the houses we’d looked at online.  We found some things we really like about it and some things we don’t love just from driving past it twice.  I wrote down the pluses and the concerns so that I remember when we get real serious.

We had a little time to kill before we got Shawn so we stopped at Walmart.  I found 2 pairs of gloves for Shawn for $1 they also had rolled back the price of Campbell’s Chunky Soup to $1 a can so we picked up 2 cans for lunches.  Total spent was $3.07

Then a quick stop at Walgreen’s because Dave decided he was thirsty and we’d been out longer than anticipated.  I got more Chips Ahoy cookies, 2 more Reach Floss and we each got a drink and a snack.  I spent $2.xx and used a $5RR I got free last week.  I got back a $2RR from the cookies to use next week.

So how did you do today saving money??  Feel free to share your successes or missteps.

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Together We Save said...

I just love the deals I have been getting at Walgreens lately!!

Precious said...

I just love those Kohls coupons

Tiffany said...

I have really been enjoying the Walgreen's deal lately too!!!

Oh how I love Kohl's coupons, mix those with the clearance and you can get some great stuff for nearly nothing.

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