Walgreen’s Deals 1/17

There are a few good deals I spotted in the ad for Walgreen’s.  Remember get there quick if there is something you really want.  There’s no rainchecks for RR deals that I know of.

  • Buy $20 in Vicks Nyquil/Dayquil get $10 RR you should be able to buy 4 Nyquil/Dayquil for $20 and use 4 of the $2mq in today’s P&G paying $12 out of pocket and getting back $10RR
  • Neosporin Lip Health 2 for $8 get $3 RR use 2 $3mq to get better than free after RR
  • Wet Ones Wipes 2 for $4 get $1 RR use the 2 $1.50mq to get them free after RR
  • Possible FREE Aquafresh Toothpaste.  There is a $2 off coupon on page 11 of the ad and it’s rumored that there is Aquafresh for $1.99 which would make it free (Limit 3 per trip)

Let me know if you find any more great deals.  I’ll be happy to share them, if I stumble upon any more deals I’ll let you know.

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