Money Saving Today

I ran out this morning and bought my papers before Dave went to work, normally Shawn and I walk to the gas station or Walmart but it’s too cold to walk today.  So I spent $6 on my 4 newspapers.  That was all the spending I did today and I have no intention of going out tonight since it’s cold and I’d like to hibernate until it warms up. LOL

Shawn and I managed to get through the day without turning on the heat today.  The heat and I don’t get along, it smells funny when it’s turned on which is mainly because it never gets used and it’s expensive to use.  I don’t know if we’ll make it through the evening without doing something but it’s my goal to keep the heat off as long as possible.  I’m too cheap and it’s only 70 degrees downstairs right now so I have 2-5 more degrees before I take the plunge and turn that switch.

We are having leftovers for dinner again.  Dave said he’s not sick of the ham yet so instead of freezing it for later we’ll eat it again tonight.  It gives me a night off from actually cooking, I’ll just put it in a frying pan and hope the stove helps warm up the house a little.  Told you I was cheap.

Now I’ve got to go out and cover all the plants again, it seems I’ll be doing this several times this week but I don’t want to kill off any of them.  So what have you been doing to save? Tomorrow or Tuesday I think I’ll be tackling the pantry to make sure I’m using anything before it goes bad.

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Precious said...

Another person staying in because of the cold. I got a chuckle out of you keeping the heat off. I remember when I lived in New York before.......just trying to eeek one more day out before I turned on the heat. Not now though! Ours is cranked because it is so cold here!

Stay warm!

Tiffany said...

Precious I don't think I can wrap my mind around your kind of cold. Brrr! I want to hibernate now if I was up there I probably would be sitting on a heating vent for the next 4 months.

Sharon said...

It was 8 degrees at my house this morning. BRRRR! Thank goodness for warm sweaters, wooly socks and a wood stove. We set our thermostat at 62!!


Tiffany said...

8!?!?! I'd be a popsicle and so would my pup. When I lived up north the thermostats were always set around 62-65 and we'd wear sweaters. But I only own like 5 long sleeve shirts now since it's usually only cold cold for a week or 2. My son bought me a Snuggie though so I've been bundled up in that.

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