Pantry/Money Saving Challenge

Today I woke up with a horrible headache and no desire to do any running around.  I wouldn’t let Shawn down though so we still took Dave to work but we came home instead of driving out in the direction of stores aplenty.  It was also freezing (well not quite but I was cold) and I was in no mood to eat a cold lunch today so I decided against any extra deal trips.

We went up to Home Depot and Shawn made a very cute calendar, I’ll take a picture after he paints it and we put the stickers on.  The only complaint I had was it was very cold out and there was a wind chill advisory and they still help the clinic outside.  Shawn was so cold he hit my finger twice, luckily it only had about 8 nails so it was quick for him to finish.

Instead of hitting Target, Kohls, BJ’s and all the other stores in the direction we went we just stopped at BJ’s to get gas and CVS to get in on the overage from the Nature’s Bounty vitamins.  We got 1 gallon of milk, 6 bottles of vitamins, and an air mattress for the camping pile.  I paid $5.13 cash and got $9 in ECB’s.  I’m slowly trying to get back in the CVS game and today reminded me why I love CVS so much.

Lunch was warm leftovers from last night and dinner was Split Pea Soup using the hambone from last night and split peas I bought awhile ago to try at some point.  The soup was alright, I don’t think any of us are big fans but I’ll eat the leftovers for lunch and probably scrap that recipe.

So how did you save money today?  Did you eat anything out of your pantry?  Don’t forget tomorrow to get your newspapers there’s supposed to be 5 inserts so this is a week not to be missed.

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CheapbyChoice said...

Just stopping by to wish you a happy new year.

Precious said...

I sure hope you feel better today. I know how bad those headaches can be.

There will be no going out to get papers here. It has been snowing since yesterday and we are buried. I will take a picture later.

Tiffany said...

CBC- Have a great new year!!

Precious- I can't wait to see your pictures. I love snow, but I hate being cold so I had to move very far south when I was old enough LOL. Too bad no papers there were some good coupons today.

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