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This is for some of my northern shoppers.  Hi Sandy, Laura, Linda and any others!!

This is a list of some good deals I see for Shaws.  To help you figure out the listing formula it’ll be as follows:

  • Product: Sale Price –coupon (it will then say either RP, SS, or IPQ which stands for Redplum (newspaper), SmartSource (newspaper), or Internet printer coupon which if it’s still available will be linked) date of coupon =what you should pay

V8 Fusion Juice: $2.50  -.75 SS 1/3 =$1 if your store doubles

Gum Toothbrushes: $1  -.75 RP 11/15 or $1 RP 11/15 =Free possible moneymaker with doubles

Gum Flossers $1 –.55 RP 11/15 =Free after doubles

Ronzoni Smart Taste Pasta $1.50  -.75 SS 12/6 =Free after doubles

Maruchan Yakisoba Noodle Bowls .89  -.50 SS 1/3 =Free after doubles

Just a note I’ve read that most stores will only double 6 coupons or 6 like coupons, so please learn your stores quirks.  There are a few great scenarios I’ve read about for a Catalina deal.  Catalinas are coupon off your next purchase.  I’m just copying someone else’s work below.

8 Progresso Soup (PSP (presale price) $2.50) = $20 PSP
$7.92 sale price
- 2.00 in qs (.50/2 mqs)
= $5.92 OOP, get $5 cat back = net cost $.92
1 Green Giant Steamers (PSP $2.39), .50/1 mq
8 Hamburger Helpers (PSP $2.39), .75/3 mq & $1/2 mq
= $21.51 PSP
$9.42 sale price
-5.00 in qs
=$4.42 OOP, get $5 cat back = $.58 MM
7 Cheerios (PSP 2.99), .55/1 IPs (if your store will double them--mine does even though it says DND)
=$20.93 PSP
=15.54 sale price
-7.70 in qs
=$7.84 oop, get $5 cat back = $2.84
5 Fiber One Frozen Muffins (PSP $4.19), .75/1 qs
=$21.45 PSP
$17.45 sale price
-7.50 qs
=$9.95 oop, get $5 cat back = $4.95
4 YoPlus Yogurts (PSP $2.99), $1/1 qs
4 Green Giant Steamers (PSP $2.39), .50/1 qs
=$21.52 PSP
$13.96 sale price
-8.00 qs
=$5.96 oop, get $5 cat back = .96

If you need any help with those scenarios please let me know I might be able to help. Credit for these deals go to rachelhale at AFC

Edited to add: Thanks to MrsB for letting me know there are lots of printables that go with the sale items on and on you can click the link in my sidebar for

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mrsblack said...

Looks good! There are lots of printables for this weeks Cat deal. Check out and

Tiffany said...

Thanks for the input, it's hard to know what's on sale when you don't have an ad and can't shop at the store. LOL

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