Help for Haiti

I know you’ve all seen the photos and heard the reports.  It leaves you feeling helpless and for me it’s extra helpless.  We are not in a place right now where we can afford to donate anything really.  If you follow along regularly you know that every penny that I find is going towards closing costs and all the expenses of buying a home.

I have thought long and hard about what I could do to help.  I have lots of readers and lots of friends.  Then I remembered the fund raising worksheet that Thirty-One gifts had just sent me.  I can’t afford to give out of my budget now but I have set up an event on my Thirty-One site titled Help for Haiti.  I am going to donate 20% of all purchases to the New Mission Haiti Reconstruction Fund they are a local church group.  They had sent a group of people including a local reporter to Haiti to hand out shoeboxes filled with necessities and they were there for the earthquake.  They are all on their way back home to Central Florida tonight and are all safe. 

So please head over to my Thirty-One site and place your order.  If you know me in the real world I will have fund raising sheets featuring the Thermal totes that are on sale this month, if you are interested in helping please let me know.  The more people who order the more we can donate to New Missions.

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