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That’s almost a joke today!!!  The only shopping that got done was Dave running out early this morning to buy Children’s Pepto because apparently my personal drug store doesn’t carry that. LOL  That was actually the only time we even left the house today.

DS woke up at 3am with a sour stomach, Dave got me up at about 5 and asked me to sit with him for awhile so he could go back to sleep.  By the time Dave was up I’d gotten Shawn back to bed but I wanted him to have some pepto and couldn’t find any.  I didn’t bother looking for a coupon or a sale I just sent Dave to Walmart.  There’s something about a little boy uncontrollably sick (at both ends) that makes you not care how much the medicine costs.  I didn’t even ask now that I’m awake I’m sure I’d fret about it.

We did manage to finish the laundry today and there’s still a pile on the couch since it seems the folding fairy took the day off.  Guess that’ll be my entertainment tonight since Dave has custody of the remote.  We had the heat on today more than I liked but with Shawn being sick and Mommy having sympathy stomach pains I was in no mood to be cold.  Thankfully this is supposed to be the end of this I see 70’s in my near future.

Dinner was a pot roast cooked in the crockpot.  I love my crockpot I do almost nothing and it always produces great tasting food that feeds us all at least twice.  This morning I put a roast (pulled from the freezer stash last night), a bunch of potatoes, some garlic and seasoning in it and turned it on low.  8 hours later the meat was falling apart and it was delicious.  No thinking, no cooking, no work = my type of meals.

So how did you save money today?  I’m sure you did better than we did.

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Precious said...

I am so sorry that Shawn is sick. I sure hope he is feeling better soon. I hope you don't get it. I agree! When you have a sick child, you do not care what the meds cost. You just want them to get better!

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