Money Saving Start

I ventured out to CVS today and got a raincheck for the Ivory soap that was free after coupons and picked up a couple bottles of Vitamins and the toothpaste in the ad.  Since I haven’t been to CVS in a few months I didn’t have any extrabucks to pay with but after coupons I only spent $2.05 so it wasn’t too bad.  I have $4 in ECB’s for my next trip.  I have more coupons to use tomorrow and I”m going to check another store to see if I can get the soap.

For dinner we had a wonderful spiral cut honey ham that I got at Target last week with coupons.  I saved the bone and will be making soup with it tomorrow since it’s getting cold again it’ll be great to have a nice warm soup to come home to.

Tomorrow we’ll be going out to Home Depot for the FREE building event so I’m currently checking into any sales or coupons to use while we are out.  We’ll be by Whole Foods, Ikea, 2 malls plus tons of other shopping so I’m going hunting for deals tonight.  I will also be packing something for Shawn and I to have for lunch in one of my Thirty-One thermal totes. 

I hope you’ve had a great frugal start to your year.  Please feel free to share what you’ve been up to.

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Precious said...

I love using the ham bone to make soup. What kind are you making? Pea, bean, or some other kind?

Enjoy your day and lunch shopping today!

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