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I’ve agonized over what to do when it comes to this blog and my selling Thirty-One Gifts.  I don’t want to make this blog a big advertisement, but this blog is about me, how I save money, make money and about how I live.  Thirty-One Gifts is a way I hope to make money and if I can save you alittle money on a gift for a friend or a splurge for yourselves with a great product then I’m going to share it. 

This month we have a great special offering the tote pictured below for $10 instead of the normal $14. It is a Thermal Zipper Tote to give you a size estimate it easily holds a couple packages of meat from the grocery (normal sized packages)thermal zipper totes and this tote for $8 instead of $12.50. It is our Small Thermal Lunch Tote and measures 6x9x5

small lunch toteembroidery is also half off at only $3!!  These make great gifts, in fact I’m ordering more at this price so that the next time I have a surprise birthday I’ll have something on hand.  I got each of Shawn’s teachers one of the smaller bags for Christmas and they are raving about them.  If you are at all interested let me know or go here and you can place an order.  If you are interested in earning free products I offer online parties and this month you can earn twice the amount of freebies.  Just let me know I’m happy to help. 

If you feel this is too much advertising for my own business.  I recommend you come back tomorrow for another money saving post and just ignore anything that says Thirty-One Gifts.  Thanks for reading and coming back.

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