Some Free Fun`

We enjoyed a little free fun today out of the house.  We picked up Shawn from school and headed out to Walt Disney World Speedway.  My little race nut loves going out there, you can sit for free and watch the Richard Petty Driving Experience cars go around and you can sit on the  edge of “Pit Road” and see all the cars close up.  Shawn is a huge Kyle Busch fan and they have a couple cars there done up in his stickers so he got to watch Kyle’s Snickers car drive around.  One of the women who works there also works at Lowes and she runs the kid’s clinics. We’ve become friendly with her since we’ve been going every other weekend for a year now and she took Shawn out to see the M&M car and took his picture with the car and printed out a copy for Mommy. 

On the way home we stopped at Target looking for a map of the United States.  UGH!!  Let’s just say after stopping at several stores I ordered one online.  I didn’t have any coupons with me to shop at Target but we did pick up a couple of toys at 75% off to start refilling my gift closet.  We found a huge Indy car for $7 and a Lego set for $5 both 75% off which is a great way to replenish stock for the Easter, Birthdays and even next Christmas (it’s never to early to start shopping)

I got my new Spring/Summer catalogs for Thirty-One gifts when we got home so I’ve been drooling my way through that this evening.  If you are interested in ordering from the current catalog you have until the end of this month and then we switch to the new catalog which has some beautiful stuff in it. 

Dinner was leftovers tonight to make sure we aren’t wasting any food.  Tomorrow I’ll be checking to make sure I got all the deals for this week that I wanted to and start getting ready for next week.  As always please feel free to share what you have been up to this week to save.

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Precious said...

That Richard Petty experience sounds so cool. I am glad your son enjoys it so much.

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