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Ah the price of convenience.  I got woken up this morning by my hubby who was a little to excited about the sleet falling from the sky.  He’s from up north and has spent lots of time with snow and it’s friends ice and sleet so there was no reason for him to be excited at 6am.  Nor any reason for me to be awake but that’s another story.  But since the sleet eventually turned back into rain and didn’t stop we didn’t get to go to Lowes today for Shawn’s building event.  If it was just cold we would have bundled up and headed out but wet and cold wasn’t going to happen.  I called and spoke with the woman that normally runs the event and she put Shawn’s kit aside for me to come get once Dave got home with the car.  So that ruled out the temptation of walking past the gas station and Starbucks twice and there was no spending at Lowes or Walmart earlier.

We stayed home and had a very lazy day.  I swear this cold weather brings out the lazy in us, we have had no urge to do anything.  Shawn is usually bouncing off the walls making me crazy and do you know what he did today???  He put himself to bed and took a 3 hour nap!!!!!  Usually if he’s tired enough to fall asleep we will “fall asleep in his soup” and I find him with a Hot Wheel's car stuck to his head.  I noticed the silence upstairs to find him tucked into bed with his teddy bear and blanket sound asleep, I was shocked to say the least but it shows you what this weather does to us.

After dinner which was Steak, Potatoes and Broccoli (at Shawn’s request) from my stockpile I went across the street to Lowes and picked up Shawn’s kit.  He’ll get to build it with daddy this week and use his new tools that he got for Christmas.  Since it was border line frigid out I decided to just go get everything I needed at Walmart instead of making multiple trips to Walgreens and CVS.  I spent $11 at Walmart today, I was shocked by the price of bread $2.59 for the type of bread we like the way Dave and Shawn go through sandwiches we like a nice square piece of bread in a good long loaf, I always get bread at the grocery store or at CVS/Wags and was shocked at the price.  I also picked up Milk and a few things to help complete some meals for the next week.  My pantry isn’t stocked for the types of food you crave when it’s cold since it’s not cold very often but I was pleasantly surprised to see that we only needed a few things to make Stew and Potpies.  I  also picked up a can of Cars Chef Boyardee since Shawn proclaimed today at lunch that he wanted a warm and toasty lunch and ate the rest of his other can.  I want to be prepared just in case he decides the same tomorrow.

The cold has changed some of my food plans so far this month but we are still doing really well at eating out of the pantry and freezer.  I can actually move things around in my chest freezer however the freezer above the fridge is still a danger when you open the door LOL.

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Precious said...

I hate how high the price of bread is. I can't wai ttill I move into the house and have my breadmaker.

It's so cold here that I wanted to just stay under the covers this morning.

Tiffany said...

I'm still trying to find a good sandwich bread recipe. Hopefully when we move I'll have room for a bread maker since the oven heats the house up too much normally.

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