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I had a decent trip to CVS today.  I spent more out of pocket than I am used to but we needed the soda.  After spending money on soda for the last yard sale I vowed to stock up really well next time.  With a move hopefully coming soon I was leary but we’ll need the soda for helpers and we’ll probably have a yardsale right before we move to get rid of the stuff we aren’t taking.  So here’s what I got:

  • 10 8pks of Pepsi Products  $20
  • 2 Vitamin D 120ct BOGO $8.99 -$10 in mq
  • CVS Aspirin .99 -$1 CVS coupon
  • 1 Ivory .99 (from raincheck) -$1 mq from P&G
  • 1 NutterButter Bite Pack .99 (the price of taking Shawn to CVS)

After all coupons and $9 in ECB’s I spent $7.24 and got back $13 in ECB’s.  According to several people online the limit is 4 on the Pepsi Promo so we’ll probably do it a few more times.  Using the $5 off $20 coupon that makes them $5 for 80 cans of soda or 16 cans of AMP/Starbucks

I’m also on the hunt to use up the rest of my Ivory coupons before the sale starts again and I can’t find them.  I’ve found out that Ivory is great for homemade laundry detergent and for cleaning leather couches (thanks Nicole).

If you have any questions about the coupons please let me know and feel free to share your shopping stories with us.

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Precious said...

Nice shopping! That is a lot of soda and other stuff for only paying the little you did. I wish CVS was closer to us. :-(

Tiffany said...

Thanks Precious!! I love stocking up on soda when we can get deals like that, otherwise there's no soda in the house.

My dad lives north of you and he has no CVS either. Wish they'd move into NY a bit more.

Precious said...

Fortunately, the CVS north of here on Transit and Casey will be open in about 6 weeks and it will be so much closer to get to.

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