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Today was a good day for my savings at least.  We went to Walgreen’s after picking Shawn up from school and I got the reach dental floss that’s on sale, 2 small boxes of Chips Ahoy, 2 sodas, a toy helicopter (boys) and 2 glade candles.  I paid $13 in RR and about $3 in cash and got back $5 in RR.  The helicopter is getting returned though since I was right and it doesn’t work worth a darn. 

We also stopped into Winn-Dixie since Walgreen’s was out of the electrasol I wanted.  Winn-Dixie had the big things of gel or powder BOGO for $4.99 so they were free with the $2.50 coupons.  I picked up 4 of them, 2 apples, and some raisins for the oatmeal I want to make for breakfast.  I spent $3 there as well, I have lots of the Electrasol tabs from a previous sale so the things I got of gel will go in my yardsale pile and help hopefully pay for new paint or a lawnmower for the house we want to buy soon.

All the plants got dragged out for some sunlight earlier and dragged back in for warmth tonight.  Thankfully it looks like my hibiscus made a full recovery we only seem to have lost some buds, however I still don’t know if the banana plant will pull through.

Lunch was leftovers from last night and dinner was some free brats from a sale last month and some more free broccoli.  Thankfully everyone in this house really likes broccoli since I stocked up and will keep buying it as long as it’s free.

Don’t forget this Saturday is the last day to get 9 cent prints from Walgreens.  So all you click happy people start uploading those pictures and get ordering.  I’m going to load at least one more batch tomorrow and use the $2 off coupon I got as well.

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stacylynn9590 said...

Hi - Tell me about the free broccoli!!

Have a great day!

Precious said...

I am so glad that your hibiscus survived. They are so gorgeous.

Nice shopping. I only have one Walgreens near me and I am quickly learning that if there is a great deal, you need to get there quickly. No Dishwasher soap for me. :-(

Tiffany said...

The free broccoli is from Target. I'm not sure if it's still .99 or if it went back up I keep meaning to check but it's sooo cold. There was (is still maybe) a $1 off Target coupon on their site.

Tiffany said...

Precious- we have lots of Walgreens around here but I still run into that problem. I have been able to get the small packages of Chips Ahoy for free after RR at least. Once I get flowers back I'll share pictures of the hibiscus it's grown so big and is just beautiful.

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