Saving Money…

I guess. 

Yesterday we went to Shawn’s friends house.  I brought coffee for myself and his mom so I spent $1.60 since I got one for free.  I wasn’t really in the mood to shop even though I’d been planning out a few trips.  Last night for dinner we had broccoli, rice, and stuffed chicken breasts from my stockpile.  So it was a free dinner.

Today after we picked Shawn up from school we went to Denny’s for lunch completely breaking my no eating out rule.  LOL  At least it wasn’t for dinner and I did have a coupon, so we spent about $15 for the 3 of us to eat lunch before our bank meeting.  The meeting with the mortgage lady went well we found out what we should qualify for and at what percent.  I refused the prequalification letter since they wanted to charge us $125 for it.  We will wait until we need it but I’m still looking into a few more of our options.  There are a few programs and the FHA lender that I want to speak with before we fork over any cash.  Personally I thought the estimated closing fees through the bank were high and I’m just not ready to settle yet.  We are only rushed by my hatred of this apartment and I want to make sure we are getting into exactly what we want before we take the plunge. 

We went to Publix and spent about $5 on some groceries and drinks since we'd been out running all day and I had a terribly sore throat.  Dinner was leftover turkey (cooked before Thanksgiving) broccoli and a couple cans of cream soup baked until it was nice and warm.

The only other money saving measure we took today (other than making sure the heat wasn’t on too long) was to bring in about half of my plants.  I’m not sure they are surviving as I type but I know for sure they wouldn’t have survived another night outside.  So the 2 hibiscus, 2 of the pineapples, the bougainvillea and the banana plant are sitting in my livingroom tonight.  As long as it stays cold they’ll probably stay right where they are and we’ll just say alittle prayer that the rest of my plants survive.  I can’t bring them all in so we took the ones in the most need and were able to double up on the coverings for the rest.

So what did you do to save some money?

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Precious said...

You are extremely smart to do your research and not rush the process. It will pay off in the long run. Just don't let one of these banks fool you into thinking that you can afford more house than you can handle. You should always have some breathing room. That said, enjoy the process. It is so much fun!

Tiffany said...

Precious Thanks for the advice. I did think it was funny that I women I'd only met 15 minutes before was telling me what I could afford. I tried to explain that it wasn't a what could I afford on paper it was more a what I was comfortable affording in life. I started looking today and found some good options below our self imposed limit.

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