I love Albertson's

Over 4 trips to 2 different Albertson's I've used all but 16 of the 80 coupons I ordered on ebay. I got really lucky on the coupons and got 40 of the Free Marcal up to $1 and 40 of the $1 off coupons for $3.99 which included shipping. Albertson's has had single rolls of paper towels, tissues, and 4pk of toilet paper on sale for $1 (today they dropped to .88) Here's where the pennies fell.

21 Paper Towels
19 Tissues
24 Toilet Papers

OOP $4.38 Saved $64.00

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Precious said...

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is really all I can say!

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Can I be you when I grow up(even if I'm older than you)?

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