Track Every Penny May 14th and 15th

Well I didn't do much yesterday. I made a quick trip to the store to get beer for Dave and his buddy Shaun who came over to watch the hockey game. The Bruins postseason is over and the guys weren't too happy last night. Oh well, my tolerance for hockey has been pushed to the extreme this year so I'm not too upset. LOL

Other than that trip I didn't spend any money yesterday or today. We kept the lights off as long as possible and the A/C set as high as was bearable. I have to turn it down when we have company since it just gets too warm. It rained alot last night so I didn't have to water the plants today and just once yesterday morning. I'll probably have to water them again tomorrow though since it's been dry today.

My coupons were yelling at me today. It seems they felt neglected, a couple weeks ago I was just too overwhelmed with stuff and never got around to clipping and filing them. They seem to multiple once I put them in the to be filed box, I've never figured this out. But the more they multiple the less I want to do it, so today I forced myself to sit down and deal with the mess. I stapled and clipped them all this morning, and this afternoon I filed them all alphabetically while watching NCIS. This really helps me shop better and I have a day of rest before next weeks coupons come.

How have you been doing this month? Are your coupons taking over too, if they are trust me get sharp scissors and go after them it's the only sane thing to do.

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Anonymous said...

"My coupons were yelling at me today. "
That made me laugh.

Precious said...

I try to keep them cut and filed. However I am considering filing the inserts by date and only cutting what I use.

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