Where my pennies went today

Well we have been blessed with rain finally. It's been a great steady rain all day today. Normally I'm not a big fan of days where it's cruddy out all day, but we've been without rain for so long that this is truly appreciated.

1. Breakfast was cereal for Shawn, latte for me (loving that machine), and I don't think Dave ate. We are bad at breakfast around here.

2. Lunch was leftover brats for Dave, PB&J for Shawn, and I had some of my yummy homemade french onion soup. Check back tomorrow for my recipe it was soo yummy and cheap.

3. Because of the rain it has cooled down alot outside. We haven't had the A/C on at all today or last night. It's been a bit humid inside but with a couple fans running at the worst times it's been manageable.

4. We managed to keep the lights off for most of the day today. There were a few times that I needed to turn on the light since it was kinda dark today with the rain clouds overhead.

5. It let up raining after dinner (pork florentine, $1 potatoes, free broccoli). So I put Shawn in the stroller and I headed out for a quick walk (I'm trying to exercise more) and Dave went for a run (he's trying to get in shape to play hockey). There's nothing better than free exercise.

6. Entertainment tonight was the season finale of 24 and some music.

How did your day go?

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centralillinoisian said...

I also used to watch 24, but I have not had cable for several years now. I also need to start excercising. I am just too lazy I guess.

Tiffany said...

Most days I'm just too lazy as well. I'm trying to force myself since I want to lose a little weight. My husband is the big 24 fan, cable seems to be the one thing we can't give up. At least we get a decent deal.

The Proverbs Wife said...

Thanks Tiffany. We are planning to bring most of our food items with us. I will probably purchase my meat and salads once I arrive in Florida. I can;t bear to shop in FL and not get my doubles.

I hope that we'll find something affordable on the tickets. I have considered a time share presentation but my husband hates to waste 90 minutes on something he's not going to buy.

Thanks for your suggestions.

Precious said...

Good job on your money saving Tiffany! It rained here today(5/20) which is very unusual for this time of the year. I enjoyed every minute of shopping in the rain!

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