Track Every Penny May 13th

The only spending we did today was at the Farmer's Market. I spent $6 on everything above. 3 ears of corn $1, 4 Large Onions $2, 3 Oramges $1, 1lb of mini potatoes $1, 1 1/2 lbs green beans $1. I guess there's no real savings for today since there's no coupons used but I did save over what it would have cost me at the supermarket. The corn would have been alittle cheaper at Publix but everything else would have been more and I wanted corn for dinner last night.

We walked to the Farmer's Market and powerwalked home (it looked like rain) so we spent no money on gas and I got free exercise. Otheriwse yesterday was just the normal no lights till dark, TV off as much as possible, A/C was set at 81. We cooked the corn in the microwave, free rice on the stove, and free steaks on the new gas grill. (Thanks Dad!!) Lunch was leftovers and breakfast was alittle more from the mountain of cereal.

What did you do to save some pennies today?

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