Track Every Penny Day 1

I will be tracking my spending and my savings for the month to try and see where I can trim my budget in the upcoming months so here's day 1.

This is what we did to save today.

1. We turned the A/C off before we left and it was off until we got home at about 3. It has been warm and is refusing to cool off tonight so the A/C is still on a little, hopefully it'll cool down in the next hour and we can turn it off for the night.

2. We were gone all day so the TV and lights were off.

3. We ran errands as efficiently as possible in order to save gas.

This is were the pennies fell today. Since we were out all day and Dave tagged along the spending is a little higher than a normal day.

1. We went to a Community Yard Sale and bought 1 purse and 3 Barbies. Total OOP $4 But I will get $3 back for the Barbies from my mother in law.

2. Went to building day at the Home Depot and Shawn built me a wheelbarrow planter for Mother's Day. FREE

3. Went to Whole Foods and the Farmer's Market. Spent nothing at the Farmer's Market (total dud) and $15.39 at Whole Foods. This money comes out of the mad money fund though so it won't count as spending or savings. But I did want to point out that Whole Foods gives bag credits of .10 for each reusable bag.

4. Stopped and got gas $20 ($1.99/gallon) and bought sodas/coffee inside. Spent $4.76 but I picked up 2 free spanish papers for the coupons (3 inserts in each no P&G though)

5. Spent $9 on lunch for the 3 of us at Boston Market. Dave and I each had the side platter and Shawn had a side of mac and cheese and we all split a soda.

6. Used my $10 coupon at Dots Spent $0

7. Did a ton of transactions at Walgreens today (see earlier post). Ended up spending $6.06 but I started the day with $9.50 in RR and ended with $52 in RR so it was really a profit there.

Total OOP today $24.73 that doesn't include the gas since it's figured into my bill budget and it doesn't include the Whole Foods purchase.

Total Savings $187.18 This is coupon savings only. I don't include store sales that anyone could walk in and do. Only the savings I work for will be counted.

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Precious said...

You got some great prices at that Community Garage Sale!

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