Track Every Penny Day 2

So today wasn't a overly good day. The temperature outside hit 90 which means the A/C is on added to the fact that Dave and I are doing some spring cleaning so the A/C had to be on for the whole day. When you get moving it's just too cold. Here's my spending for the day.

1. Trip to Walmart (I won't be back there anytime soon) I bought 5 pounds of hamburger, buns, a drying rack (will pay for itself quickly), lighter fluid, a plant for Shawn to give to me (don't ask), 2 pots (1 for my mint and one for the new flower), trash bags, and a new brush for the grill. I hate when we need a bunch of stuff all at once. I spent $35 dollars, but $18 of that comes from the gifts and needs found so I only spent $17. Still to much to spend at a store that doesn't apprecaite my business.

2. I went to Lowes and bought a plastic storage box and a new drill bit. Payed with a giftcard earned through MyPoints. Total $0

3. Gave in to my weakness and stopped at Starbucks. I've been good about not going very much but I really wanted it today. Spent $4.28

I didn't save anything today. No coupons used for what I needed. I did use a free giftcard so I guess that counts as a savings of $15.00 (really expensive drill bit)

How did you do today?

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Precious said...


Would you elaborate further on the garbage bags? What brand, what count and the price you paid? I am down to my last 2 garbage bags and trying to figure out the best price!

Tiffany said...

I bought a 30pk of Walmart brand 13 gallon bags. I wouldn't recommend them they are very thin and I won't get them again. I'd been out for almost a week and bought what I thought was the best deal and turned out to bite me in the butt.

Precious said...

Thanks for the response and review. I think I will look elsewhere or use ECB's, etc.

Precious said...


Iended up buying Hefty at CVS which are on sale this week. I needed the Tall Kitchen Garbage bags.

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