Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

So I had this great idea too rescue something from the trash everyday right? Well it turns out that's alot harder than it seems. I'll list some of the things that I've been doing to reduce, reuse and recycle. I haven't been able to rescue something everyday but I have been reducing our trash output.

1. I've been using my reusable shopping bags everywhere except Target. The Target bags fit so nicely in my small trash cans and they are nice and thick.

2. I've started an apartment sized compost pile. Using a Folgers container in the house to hold the stuff and a plastic container (made of 99% recycled plastic) to hold the stuff outside, we've been reducing our trash every day. All the green scraps go in there instead of the trash and a little bit of newspaper goes in once a week to help keep it dry.

3. Every plastic container that has been emptied has been washed out and used for something else. Either for leftovers, snack holder for a day out, or to hold something.

4. Instead of throwing away things as Dave and I have been decluttering I've been listing it all on Freecycle to pay it forward so to speak. Normally I would save the stuff for the next yardsale but since we just had a sale the next one won't be for 5 months or so. Waiting that long is just too much for me.

5. I've rescued a few items for craft projects that I will post once I get them finished. Unfortunately right now crafting is at the bottom of my list of things to do, but once I get through the other junk I'll have lots of fun stuff waiting for me. Mind you I might not get there until Shawn starts school LOL I need more hours in the day or a way to run on less sleep.

What have you been doing to reduce your footprint or your trash pile? I'd love to hear any ideas you have to share since I seem to be running out of ideas.

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centralillinoisian said...

I am blessed with a large kitchen so I have more than one garbage can: one for aluminum cans, one for regular cans(like soup etc),one for liquidy slimey trash to go to the dumpster. I also reuse all my boxes that my pop comes in for paper(to burn or recycle), use them to put the scooped cat litter in, and use them for other trash that will break down. The only plastic bags I use are the ones my recycling goes in, and I will bring them back home after taking in to the recycling center to reuse. Don't know if this gives you any new ideas or not.

Tiffany said...

It does give me a few ideas and any comments are more than welcome, unless they're from the guy who keeps spamming me.

I wish I had a big kitchen. When we buy a house that's going to be more top requirement. I spend so much time in there it should be roomy. The kitchen in my apartment is a small L shaped area it works but if I'm in there no one else is allowed. LOL

Jennifer C. said...

This is such a great idea! I'm going to start thinking about each item I throw out to see if it can be useful some other way. said...

I have a bunch of cooking and other Magazines that I don't want to toss out. I also have a few other books that are not really hard back and look more like a magazine. I have all of these and some other office stuff like instruction manuals, and office papers and supplies in my HOME MADE MAGAZINE BOXES. I made them out of cereal boxes then I covered them with paper. You could use any thing really to cover them, even an old sheet or material that works too. Or Paint them, I am sure there are many other ways, but I like the fact that all of my magazines are neat and tidy and I have them labeled also. I think it looks much cleaner, and they stay crisp not all bent out of shape like me! LOL

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