Track Every Penny May 7th

I stayed home for most of the day so no extra gas was used. When Dave got home I had to run to Target and Publix. I was all out of ink so I knew I had to spend about $25 for both cartridges. I paid $15 after using a couple of gift cards that I had. Here's what I got:
4 Banana Boat Sunscreen Trial FREE after mq
1 Target Hand Soap .09 after TQ
2 Quaker Bites FREE after TQ
Kodak Ink $24.99
2 lbs of Apples FREE after TQ
1 International Delight (Chocolate Eclair) Clearance 1.18
2 Cottonelle Travel Wipes FREE after TQ

Spent $15 OOP and I saved $10.75

Publix was a much cheaper trip
2 Bottles of Sunny D 3.34
4 Electrasol 20ct Tabs BOGO $3.99 -$10 in mq Profit of $2
Package of Zucchini $2.04 (I forgot to go the Farmer's Market this week)

Spent $4.16 and I saved $10 according to their receipt I saved $18.89 but I'm not counting sales into my savings.

Other savings for the day were the normal. We kept the lights off until dark and the A/C was on as little as bearable. The shower upstairs won't turn all the way off and maintenance is obviously not concerned enough to fix the little drip so I put the watering can under the faucet so at least the water isn't going to waste. I worked on my ebay auctions and made sure to answer all questions and get everything ready to go quickly so I keep happy customers.

How did your day add up?

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centralillinoisian said...

It cost me quite a bit more to fix my car, but I will not have to pay for a second trip to the garage since I went ahead and got the extra parts yesterday. And of course now my van is running way way better.

Chicagolandia said...

Great savings! I watched TV at DM's house, and no lights on til 8 p.m.

Couponing in Central Florida! said...

I want to find that clearance on International Delight!! I will have to check my SuperTarget tonight!! Great price :)
Thanks for the reminder on the lights, going to go turn them all off now. :)

Precious said...

Great shopping! I also love that International Delight clearance price!

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