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We had a monsoon of rain yesterday, it poured for about 3 hours and then just rained for another 2. It's really good for the plants and everything to get the rain since we just left the driest dry season in a long long time here, but downpours like that are just too much. When growing plants in containers you have to really watch because they start to get to wet and the containers just fill up with water. I'm hoping that the rain stays away for awhile today so that everything can dry up a little. The rain is nice but I wish we wouldn't get flash floods.

This is my other heirloom tomato it hasn't started to flower yet but here's hoping. My other heirloom that I took pics of yesterday and said it had one fruit, well I turned it around and found about 4-5 more tomatoes growing.

This is my little strawberry plant. It hasn't grown very big and doesn't produce alot but it has produced enough to have a snack every once in a while.
This is the biggest pineapple plant I have. I probably should find it a bigger pot but it seems happy in this one. I need to sit down and read up about how to force it to fruit, I know how to do it I just don't know when I should do it.
The left pot is my royal burgandy beans. They grow a really pretty purple color and turn green when cooked. The middle is the bell pepper plant, it currently has a ton of buds so hopefully some of those will turn into peppers. On the right is another pineapple plant, I finally got this little bugger to grab hold of the dirt it's taken a long time for this one though.

So how's your garden doing? Remember it only takes a sunny spot, a container, and a little will power to get just about anything to grow.

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