Track Every Penny Recap for the Past Couple Days

Today and yesterday were pretty boring days. Dave and I are working on decluttering the house so the A/C has been on but that's because it's been 90 everyday. I freecycled a trash bag of tshirts and tanktops today. Clothes don't sell well at my yardsales so I figured this is a good way to pay it forward. I also listed Shawn's toddler bed on craigslist hopefully someone will come and get it soon.

We ran to Walmart so Dave could look for a wireless router for the computer. Turns out that the one he wanted to get (a usb one) is just about the same price as a full router, so I'll be keeping an eye out for a deal on one of those. While we were there I picked up 2 pks of hotdogs using one of the new coupons (in my sidebar), 4 Kraft BBQ sauces, 4 Kraft Dressing, bananas, 4 Colgate toothbrushes, a cars toy for Shawn, 2 Rightgaurd deodorants and 4 boxes of mac and cheese. I spent $14.49 OOP but $7 of that was a toy. It wasn't too bad considering everything I actually paid for we needed. My savings was $20

Mother's Day we saved alittle money by bringing snacks with us to Disney but it was Mommy's treat day so I had a margarita and we had a lovely lunch at the Germany pavillion. We also took a ride on the new Helium balloon at Downtown Disney.

And the best news, it's finally raining. It's been raining light/steady for a couple hours now. It's the first rain we've had in a long time and my plants are all very happy. It's a wonderful thing to see everything green up alittle. I only had to water all the plants this morning and I probably won't have to tomorrow morning maybe tomorrow evening though.

How have you been doing? I love reading everyone's travels through saving money. They give me great ideas on what I could trim myself.

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Precious said...

It looks liek you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

centralillinoisian said...

I re-purposed a couple of baby wipe tubs that my sister was going to throw away. This saves me from having to buy something to keep track of my q's.
I am glad you had a nice mothers day.

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