An enjoyable evening out

We all went to the Town Center to just take a walk tonight and realized they were doing another tasting.  They’ve done one once before but we didn’t go.

Tickets were $5 per person so I bought one for Dave and one for myself.  Shawn claimed to not wanting anything and the guy only had 2 left.

There were 18 businesses listed on the tickets to stop by and visit with.  Here’s what goodies we had:

  1. Asain Chicken Wings at Posh Tanning
  2. Small scoops of ice cream at Simka’s Sweets
  3. Bags of Popcorn from the apartment complex
  4. Mac & Cheese, Lemonade and travel size medical kits at Medi Care Clinic
  5. Pulled Pork Sandwiches at Goin’ Postal
  6. Fried Rice at China 2
  7. Hot Dogs, Beer & Martini’s at Anytime Fitness
  8. Fruit Salad at the Herb Shoppe
  9. Several tasty fried things from Cohen’s Deli
  10. Hummingbird Cake at Grandma’s Bakery
  11. Xavier’s Furniture ran out of food but gave me 2 bottles of knock of perfume (added to the gift pile) which was really nice
  12. Plums from Tim’s Produce
  13. Honey Sticks from Mindy’s Honey
  14. 4 Potatoes from Jamie’s Produce

If you ever find yourself in the area of Cagan Crossings I highly recommend that you stop in and visit any of these great places.  On Wednesday’s from 4-7 they have the Farmer’s Market (Tim, Mindy and Jamie are always there) and they have great selection and great prices.  These are all really nice people (we chatted with everyone for most of the evening) and are trying very hard to keep their businesses going in these tougher times so please if you are in the area stop by.  Most of the places have discounts for Cagan residents or Disney employees too. 

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Precious said...

That tasting sounded like a blast.

Tiffany said...

It was and I can't wait for the next one. They seem to do them a couple times a year.

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