A Longish Day

We took Dave to work this morning so I could go to Old Navy for the tank top sale.  We ended up going to a couple of Walgreen’s, CVS, Old Navy, Target, Kmart, and Whole Foods. 

I got 5 tanktops ($2) and a new pair of sunglasses ($9.50) for $15 with my 25% off coupon from oldnavyweekly.com

We got 5 of the new Fisher Price toys at Kmart with the $5 coupon and the $5/$20 coupon and paid $2.xx for all of them.  A couple are going into the gift pile or to Toys for Tots and I think Shawn has claimed the others.  lol  I honestly didn’t think he’d be interested in these.

At Target we got 2 packs of Crazy Core Skittles, about 2 pounds of bananas, 2 pounds of apples and a VitaminWater for $1.xx which I paid for with a giftcard earned.  The coupons are all Target Coupons that have been on their site at some point. 

I didn’t find the ReadyFill books at CVS which is the only reason I stopped there.  My store hasn’t gotten them yet so I thought I’d stop at another one but they didn’t have them either.  In case you didn’t know the books are supposed to have a $4/$20 coupon in them.

I did seveal Walgreen’s trips that I’ll post about later once I sort out the receipts.

And my fun find of the day was at Whole Foods.  Dave has tried a couple of different natural peanut butters and I found the freshest natural peanut butter you can get today.  You go up to the machine and grind it yourself!  It’s $3 something a pound so I only got alittle to see if Dave likes it.

I’m going to try and update my spending/savings alittle later.

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